007: The Best of Bond
Producer Winning Moves
Type Limited Edition
Topic Movies
Countries UK
Year 2008
Case Solid Black (Textured)
No. of Cards 30
STT's General Medrano
Mr. White
Stats First Assignment
Style & Charm
Twisted Mind
Threat to the World

007: The Best of Bond is a 2008 Winning Moves pack based on the James Bond movie franchise. It has 30 characters from the series, including six Bonds from different movie eras.

General Medrano and Mr. White were issued as STTs.

There is also a LIVE version.

Card ListEdit

Alec Trevelyan
Auric Goldfinger
Baron Samedi
Carl Stromberg
Dominic Greene
Dr. No
Emilio Largo
Ernst Stavro Blofeld
Felix Leiter
Francisco Scaramanga
James Bond Casino Royale (Daniel Craig)
James Bond Dr. No (Sean Connery)
James Bond Goldeneye (Pierce Brosnan)
James Bond Live and Let Die (Roger Moore)
James Bond On Her Majesty's Secret Service (George Lazenby)
James Bond The Living Daylights (Timothy Dalton)
Le Chiffre
Max Zorin
Miss Moneypenny
Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd
Nick Nack
Pussy Galore
Rosa Klebb
Tee Hee
Xenia Onatopp

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