Producer Winning Moves
Type Limited Edition
Topic TV
Countries UK
Year 2005
Case black
No. of Cards 30
STT's Berhooz Araz
Stats seasons
loyalty to cause
24 factor

24 is the pack for the popular TV series. It has many of the characters from the TV series in it. It had 1 STT, Berhooz Araz for the pack. (no spelling error). There was 24, 24 Gunmetal Holders.

Card List Edit

Alexis Drazen
Andre Drazen
Audrey Raines Heller
Bob Warner
Chase Edmunds Chloe O’Brian
David Palmer
Dina Araz
Erin Driscoll
Habib Marwan
Hector Salazar
Jack Bauer
James Heller
Kate Warner
Kim Bauer
Marie Warner
Michelle Dessler
Navi Araz
Nina Myers
Peter Kingsley
Ramon Salazar
Reza Naiyeer
Ryan Chappelle
Sayed Ali
Sherry Palmer
Steven Saunders
Teri Bauer
Tony Almeida
Victor Drazen
Wayne Palmer

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