Aliens and Space Warriors
Producer Waddingtons
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Countries UK
Year 1988
Case Plastic Box
No. of Cards 30
Stats Strength
Aliens and Space Warriors was a Fantasy Waddingtons pack that had 32 cards, all based on unlicensed characters designed and made by Waddingtons. The most interesting card of all however is "Mercenary Oblit Fet", a clear edit of Boba Fett. And to add to that, they only knocked off a "t" on the end of "Fett" to hide it and make it acceptable.

Another version of this pack, with 2 less cards, was released in 1993 as a Waddingtons Super Top Trumps set.

Card List Edit

Bounty Hunter Ecnar
Bounty Hunter Kifka
Bounty Hunter Reesh
Courier X-Pres
Cyborg Mr. Smith
Cyborg Tok
Medic Flexocrepe
Medic Mishmit
Mercenary Oblit Fet
Mercenary Yoonekversa
Merchant Eldrich
Merchant Ivan-Croth
Merchant Menhir
Monster Slarat
Mutant Jakun-Taph
Mutant Tizio
Pet Smet
Pilot Gadara
Pilot Tarazaz
Priest Da-Lahn
Priest Kithunian
Priest Thain Avalac
Shape Changer Arquitecto
Star Trooper Activa
Star Trooper Il Moro
Star Trooper Strafor
Traveller Burik
Traveller Kenzie Lovell
War Robot Bio Storm
War Robot Inclinotek
War Robot Kreen Autobot

Priest Thain Avalac and Traveller Gollen appear in the Fantasy version of the pack

External LinksEdit

Aliens and Space Warriors at the Ultimate Top Trumps Reference Site

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