Axe Girls
Axe Girls
Type Non-Winning Moves
Topic Mens Magazine
Countries France
Year N/A
Case clear base clear lid
No. of Cards 32
Stats Hubraum/Cylindree (ccm)

0-100 (sec)
Laurstärke/Volume (db)
Unterhalt/Entreiten (Fr./Mt.}


1A Sirja

1B Flurina

1C Lucy

1D Delora

2A Wikitorja

2B Hana

2C Nikki

2D Amélie

3A Mista]]

3B Claudia

3C Toshiana

3D Lidia

4A Izabel

4B Florence

4C Ece

4D Joana

5A Catalin

5B Camilla

5C Olenka

5D Lola

6A Adoree

6B Amie/Mia/Bo

6C Angela

6D Sophie

7A Tamara

7B Atje/Seline

7C Janette

7D Elyza

8A Adraine

8B Tanya

8C Vanadis

8D Christiana

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