Clobber Girl
Producer Winning Moves
For Pack The Simpsons Horror Edition
Country UK
Year UK: 2003
USA: 2008
From UK: Planet Top Trumps Club
USA: FAO Promotion
Stats Stupendous Strenth
Sheer Evil
Blazing Speed
Graveyard Compatibility
Fashion Sense
Clobber Girl ex

UK Back

Clobber Girl-us-back

USA Back

Clobber Girl is the STT for the The Simpsons Horror Edition. It is quite rare and collectors really want it. The only downside to Clobber Girl is Sheer Evil where she has 6 out of 50. However, it's unusual to have a Clobber Girl and not a Stretch Dude, but stretch dude wouldn't be as good anyway.

A USA version was released in 2008.

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