Doctor Who
Producer Winning Moves
Type Specials
Topic TV
Countries UK
Year 2008
Case clear dark red with speckles
No. of Cards 30
STT's Professor River Song
Stats Height (m)
Monster Rating
Just as season 4 of Doctor Who reaches its climax, with Davros stealing Planet Earth, theres a brand new Doctor Who Top Trumps zooming through the Galaxy. Relive the horrific Sontaran attack on Earth and take cover in ancient Pompeii as the Pyroviles come to life. Featuring the Master for the first time, this pack is a must have for any fan of the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble. Even better, theres a Super Top Trump Card of Professor River Song available in the DVD release of Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead! - Planet Top Trumps

Doctor Who is the third Doctor Who pack released by Winning Moves. The Colonel Mace card has an error as it says "...UNIT's fflying aircraft..." and there is two Fs.

Card ListEdit

Adipose Child
Astrid Peth
Captain Jack Harkness
Captain Kath McDonnell
Chief Executive Halpen
Colonel Mace
Donna Noble
General Staal
Jeremy Baines
Joan Redfern
Larry Nightingale
Luke Rattigan
Max Capricorn
Miss Foster
Ood Sigma
Professor Yana
Sally Sparrow
Sontaran Trooper
The Doctor
The Heavenly Host
The Master
The Toclafane
Timothy Latimer
Wilfred Mott

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