Gaelic Football Stars
Gaelic Football Stars
Producer Winning Moves
Type Specials
Topic Sports
Countries UK
Year 2009
Case dark blue
No. of Cards 30
Stats Age
Trophies Won
Attacking Ability
Defensive Strength
Experience (years)

Gaelic Football Stars is a pack based on players of the popular Irish sport, Gaelic football.

Card List Edit

Alan Brogan
Barry Owens
Brian McGuigan
Conal Keaney
Conor Gormley
Declan O'Sullivan
Eamon O'Hara
Gary Connaughton
Graham Canty
Jason Sherlock
John Calvin
John Doyle
Kevin Reilley
Leighton Glynn
Marc Ó Sé
Matty Forde
Michel Meehan
MJ Tierney
Nicholas Murphy
Paddy Bradley
Paddy Keenan
Paul Galvin
Paul McGrane
Ronan McGarrity
Rory Kavanagh
Seamus O'Neill
Stephen Bray
Stephen Cluxton
Steven McDonnell
Tomás Freeman

External Links Edit

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