Marvel Comic Heroes
Producer Winning Moves
Type Promotional
Topic Comics
Countries UK
Year 2009
Case Plastic packet (x4)
No. of Cards 30
Stats Height (cm)
Fighting skills

Marvel Comic Heroes is a special promo pack that was released in four separate packets inside four different X-Men DVDs. These are: X-Men Season 1 Volume 1, Season 1 Volume 2, Season 2 Volume 1, Season 2 Volume 2. It has 30 characters from all 3 Marvel Comic Heroes packs. Some cards have different pictures and stats from their older cards.

Card ListEdit

Season 1 Volume 1Edit

The Incredible Hulk
Invisible Woman
Captain America
Nick Fury
Magneto ('Have you got it?' on reverse)
Storm (Rules on reverse)

Season 1 Volume 2Edit

Electra (Rules on reverse)
Dr Doom ('Have you got it?' on reverse)
The Human Torch
The Thing
Mr Fantastic
Professor X
Silver Surfer
Dare Devil

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