Postman Pat
Producer Winning Moves
Type Juniors
Topic TV
Countries UK
Year 2005
Case red
No. of Cards 22
STT's Pat's Van
The Greendale Rocket
Stats Teamwork
Age (Rank)

Postman Pat is based on the TV series for children. It has little kids' favourite characters from Postman Pat.

Card List Edit

Ajay Bains
Alf Thompson
Charlie Pringle
Dorothy Thompson
Dr. Sylvia Gilbertson
Jeff Pringle
Jess The Cat
Julia Pottage
Julian Clifton
Lucy Selby
Meera Bains
Mrs. Goggins
Nikhil Bains
Nisha Bains
P.C. Selby
Postman Pat
Reverend Tims
Sara Clifton
Sarah Gilbertson
Ted Glen
The Bains Family
Tom & Katy Pottage

External Links Edit

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