Racing Trucks
Waddingtons -- Winning Moves

Producer Waddingtons
Winning Moves
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Countries UK
Year 1993
Case  ?
No. of Cards 30
Stats Engine Capacity
0-100 MPH

Racing Trucks is one of Winning Moves first packs. Waddingtons also released a version of this pack in 1993. The WM one is exactly the same as the Waddingtons one.

Card List Edit

A1 - Volvo N12/Volvo Power
B1 - Russian Zil/Cummins Power
C1 - Volvo White/Cummins Power
D1 - Chevrolet Bruin/Cummins Power
E1 - Volvo White Power
A2 - Volvo White/Detroit Diesel Power
B2 - Mack/Renault Power
C2 - Phoenix Man
D2 - Russian Zil/Caterpillar Power
E2 - Man UXT
A3 - Sisu/Cummins Power
B3 - Volvo N10/Volvo Power
C3 - Mercedes Benz 1733
D3 - White Roadboss/Detroit Diesel Power
E3 - Mercedes Benz 2250
A4 - Leyland Landtrain/Cummins Power
B4 - Ford Cargo/Cummins Power
C4 - Mercedes Benz 1450
D4 - Liaz Power
E4 - Scammell/Cummins Power
A5 - Volvo White Aerodyne
B5 - M.A.N. 19422
C5 - Foden Perkins/Eagle Power
D5 - M.A.N. 19362
E5 - Liaz Power
A6 - ERF/Cummins Power
B6 - ERF/Perkins Power
C6 - Mack Power
D6 - White Roadboss Detroit Diesel
E6 - Bedford/Cummins Power

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