Haie and Rochen
Producer Winning Moves
Type Classics
Topic Animals
Countries UK
Year 2001
Case clear blue
No. of Cards 30
Stats Max Length
Max Depth
Max Number of Young
Global Presence

Sharks features all of the greatest and deadliest Sharks. It has cards such as Great White and Hammerhead. Compared to other Winning Moves packs this is old as it was made in 2001. This because 1999 and 2000 didn't have a lot of activity. The template is nice however the fact that it only has 4 stats brings it down a step. There is also a Sharks Top Trumps Book.

Winning Moves made a LIVE game, the game still has 4 stats which slightly devalues the fun of it.

Card List Edit

Basking Shark
Blacknose Shark
Blacktip Shark
Blue Shark
Bowmouth Guitarfish
Bull Shark
Californian Angel Shark
Caribbean Reef Shark
Eagle Ray
Epaulette Shark
Gray Reef Shark
Great Hammershead Shark
Great White Shark
Horn Shark
Lemon Shark
Leopard Shark
Nurse Shark
Oceanic Whitetip Shark
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark
Shortfin Mako Shark
Silky Shark
Silvertip Shark
Southern Stingray
Spiny Dogfishes
Swell Shark
Tasselled Wobegong Shark
Tiger Shark
Variegated Shark
Whale Shark
White Reef Shark

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External LinksEdit

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