Producer Winning Moves
Type Skyscrappers
Topic Buildings
Countries UK
New Zealand
Year 2005
Case silver
No. of Cards 30
Stats Height (m)
Building Completed
Floor Space (M²)
Climbing Difficulty
Skyscrapers features the tallest Skyscrapers in the world, as well as unfinished skyscrapers. There are 3 STTs for it: a New Zealand Skytower card, American 30 Rockfella Plaza and the German MesseTurm. Some of the rear cards come together to show a graph of some of the buildings in the pack. It shows the countries flag in top right and it's location under the cards title. The picture takes up most of the card. The USA and German front cards are different to the UK one.

Skyscrapers was the first LIVE game by Winning Moves featured on the official site.

Card List Edit

21st Century Tower
Al Faisaliyah Centre
Burj Al Arab
Canary Wharf Tower
Chrysler Building
Empire State Building
Freedom Tower
John Hancock Centre
Kingdom Centre
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Library Tower
London Bridge Tower
NatWest Tower
Palace of Culture & Science
Petronas Twin Towers
Rialto Towers
Sears Tower
Taipei 101
The Gherkin
The Houses of Parliament
Tokyo City Hall
Torre Mayor
Total Fina Elf Tower
Transamerica Pyramid
Union Square Phase 7
Westend Tower
Woolworth Building
World Financial Centre
World Trade Centre

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