Producer Dubreq
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Countries UK
Year  ?
Case  ?
No. of Cards 32
Stats Crew
Maximum Power Output
Maximum Speed

Tanks is a pack made for Australia. It is thought to be made by Dubreq even though people are not sure. Top Trumpers are not even sure of the date they were released.

Card List Edit

61 Tank
68 AA 2 Tank
Abbot F.V. 433 Light Howitzer Tank
AMX 10 P Tank
AMX 13 Tank
AMX 30 AA Tank
AMX 30 Bridge Tank
AMX 30 Recovery Tank
AMX 30 Tank
Anti Aircraft Tank 1
Armoured Personnel Carrier M113
Armoured Tank
Bgvb 82 Recovery Tank
Brobr 941 Bridge Tank
“Chieftan” Heavy Tank
IKV 91 Light Tank
“Leopard” Medium Tank
M 48 Bridge Tank
M 48 Tank
M 88 Recovery Tank
M-107 Howitzer
M-109 Medium Howitzer
Marder Tank
Medium tank T62
Pbw 302 Armoured Personnel Carrier (Floatable)
“Pluton” Anti Rocket Tank
“Sheridan” M551 Reconnaissance Tank
“Standard” Recovery Tank
SU-100 Tank
“Trojan” Armoured Personnel Carrier
TS Tank

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