Thomas and Friends Engine Card Game
Producer Gullane
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Countries UK
Year 2007
Case yellow and red
No. of Cards 30 (2 Of Each Card)
Stats Usefullness
Total Score

Thomas and Friends Engine Card Game was available with Thomas and Friends issue #198. They are very much like a Juniors pack and have no information about the character. They are in 5 different colours: Yellow, red, green, light blue and dark blue. These cards can double as snap cards.

There is also a fifth stat where the number of the train is displayed. (eg. Thomas = 1)

Card List Edit

Dennis x2 light blue
Diesel x2 Green
Duck x2 Red
Duncan x2 Dark Blue
Edward x2 Dark Blue
Gordon x2 Green
Henry x2 Red
James x2 Light Blue
Percy x2 Yellow
Peter Sam x2 Yellow
Rheneas x2 Red
Rusty x2 Green
Skarloey x2 Light Blue
Thomas x2 Yellow
Toby x2 Dark Blue

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