Top Trumps Tournament is a new type of Top Trumps that comes with 6 new Classics packs and a spinner to choose the pack to play. You put 6 packs of your choice into it and spin the spinner to decide which pack to play with. The packs are: Movies, TV, Pop Stars, Top Toys, Sporting Heroes and WOW (Wonders of the World). All of the packs come in tuck boxes instead of plastic cases. It was released in October 2009.

There is also a Star Wars version featuring all of the Star Wars packs created by Winning Moves up until the point of release. This was available at HMV only until January 2010. It has, however, appeared on as well, whether Winning moves allowed this or not is unknown. The Star Wars Tournament also comes with a new Star Wars pack, Star Wars: 30 Greatest Moments with a card for each greatest moment in the films.

A FIFA World Cup tournament was also released in May 2010 and an Marvel Universe Tournament was also released in 2011, featuring 6 exclusive packs each. There are also exclusive cards given out in special circumstances for the original tournament games.

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