Twin Trumps
Founded 2007
Started Trumping 2007
Stopped Trumping  ?
Country Founded in UK
First Pack PTT Members Past and Present
Most Recent Pack PTT Members Past and Present
Most Famous for Twin Trumps

The company, Twin Trumps create Twin Trumps as well as other non related images and other stuff. In mid 2007, Twin Trumps showed use a James Bond card as a teaser of what they had coming. Later in the year they produced their first pack, which wasn't James Bond.

There are only 2 members of Twin Trumps, and funnily enough, they're twins. Together, both of them are always at work, whether on the Twin Trumps project or other stuff.

The teaser image had a front card with their logo, "James Bond" and a car, made as a front card, and the James Bond card with a UK flag background.

Twin Trumps have also said they may be doing a Cartoons pack. But they're keeping quiet for the moment.

Packs Edit

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