Wildlife in Danger
Producer Winning Moves
Type Animals
Topic Endangered animals
Countries USA
Year 2007
Case green
No. of Cards 30
Stats Rarity in Wild
AZA Homes
Catastrophe Conditions
Need of Action
Threat of Extinction
Wildlife In Danger features many of the most endangered animals in the world. This is a very nice pack. Better then Wonders Of the World and it has varying templates to suit where the animal comes from. It also includes a tick box in the top right to show if you have it. It also has the map of the world on each card so where the animal can be found is pointed out. This pack is also compatible with Sealife in Danger. It also includes Great White Shark which has an advert for the Sealife In Danger pack. The pack as released both in the UK and in USA.

USA Card List Edit

African Ostritch
American Alligator
American Burying Beetle
Arabian Oryx
Asian Elephant
Atlantic Puffin
Black Rhinoceros
Black Tailed Prairie Dog
Blue Poison Dart Frog
Californian Condor
Golden Lion Tamarin
Great White Shark
Guam Micronesian Kingfisher
Harpy Eagle
Hyacinth Macaw
Komodo Dragon
Madagascar Tree Boa
Mexican Gray Wolf
North American River Otter
Pancake Tortoise
Partula Snail
Puerto Rican Crested Toad
Polar Bear
Red Kangaroo
Snow Leopard
Sumatran Tiger
Western Lowland Gorilla

UK Card ListEdit

*Have been replaced by African Lion and Giant Panda

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